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Kahina Giving Beauty

Kessa Mitt


A body exfoliating mitt for the softest, smoothest skin from neck to toes.

The perfect companion to Kahina Moroccan Beldi soap, Kessa Mitt is designed to gently and thoroughly exfoliate your whole body. A small loop makes it easy to hand dry. Imported from Morocco.

Rayon with elastic wrist band.

Heat the shower before entering to allow steam to rise or soak the skin in the tub to allow your pores to open with hot water and steam. Apply Beldi soap liberally to cover the body, working into a slight lather, and then allow it to penetrate your skin for 3 to 10 minutes. After rinsing, scrub the skin heavily in a circular motion with the Kessa exfoliating mitt. Hang from loop to dry.

Kessa Mitt