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Slow Down, Relax, & Reconnect

In a world where our lives are always “on” we need to take back our time. Or at the very least take some very specific time to care for ourselves. February is a month where we celebrate love, and that love should start with each of us- from us to us. Reconnecting with ourselves on a regular basis through simple beauty rituals re-energizes us and helps us to keep the love flowing.

Here are some of our favorite ways to foster our alone-time vibe, and as a bonus- we think that they would also make the perfect gift for someone who has your heart. 

LIHA Asé Goddess Rollerball Set

The power of scent- it can elevate your mood, evoke memories, and stimulate creativity. Embrace your inner magic with LIHA’s perfume rollerball set that reflects the properties of Yoruba goddesses YEMOJA (calm), OYA (uplifting), and OSHUN (sensuality). Wear one at a time or layer and mix to create your own signature scent.

 Kahina Kessa Mitt + Moroccan Beldi Soap

Step into your shower and recreate a hammam bathing ritual practiced for thousands of years, with good reason. An all over body scrub with the Kessa Mitt + Moroccan Beldi soap will leave your skin baby soft and your mind deeply relaxed.

Exquisite Face & Body Dual Hydration Mask

A great way to wind down, with glowing results! These biocelluose sheet masks will leave your skin hydrated, nourished, & replenished.

LIHA Self Care/ Sleep Aid Set

An evening ritual to prepare yourself for a deep sleep- the Queen Idia Candle and a hot bath with the luxurious Idan Oil, can it get more relaxing?

You’re kind of a big deal! Taking care of your whole self allows you to go back into the world with all of the enthusiasm and energy you need to give back to the people and things you care most about. So every chance you get- slow down, relax, and reconnect.

Photo: Joshua Oluwagbemiga/