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We narrow the field so that you can shop the skincare products that will work for you.

Skincare shouldn’t be complicated- however our years working with our clients and their skin has shown us that most find it is. Figuring out your skin’s individual needs, what products will work best for you, and how to use them is overwhelming for many and often ends in frustration and disappointment. This inspired us to create something new- a resource to empower anyone to find the right product suited to their skin.


We are three- DSH. Two Master Estheticians and spa owners who have years of experience with all types of skin, partnered with a seasoned retail & analytics specialist whose talents include product sourcing, creative branding, and thinking outside the box.

Our basic premise has always been constant, each person’s skin care routine should be as individual as they are. Skin care is not one-size-fits-all- even the slightest difference in a person’s skin can make a big difference in how they should care for it. Your skin is unique.

Our idea was to provide expert guidance, using our experience to create custom skin care routines from the healthiest, most effective skin care lines we could find, and meeting our clients wherever they are in their busy lives.


We brought our concept into our naming sessions with LORE Naming- at our third (!) round we saw MONOGRAM on the first page of brand names. It was like the clouds parted and the sun shone through- we all agreed that this was the most fitting name for what we wanted to offer our clients. Just as in life every person has their own specific monogram- your skin is no different- your routine should be tailored to your individual skin.

Our concept actually started with “BUILD My Routine”, our original idea- custom skin care routines created by Master Estheticians and tailored to each individual.

We realized we wanted to find a solution for people who were just looking to try something new- a product that would work for them. Someone who wanted to shop on their own- effortlessly. This is how “CREATE My Monogram” was born- now at the forefront of our concept and is the most important way of shopping on our site.

Knowing that life (and skin) is ever-changing-we made sure to include an “EDIT” component so that each client could update their Monogram or routine with new developments such as pregnancy (congratulations!), big move (yay!), or new skin issues (nay!), and receive new recommendations.

We know skin. We know products. We know why shopping for skincare is difficult. We know how to make a change for the better.