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Are You Bi(ome) Curious?

Tons of people are talking about the microbiome. It comes up all the time in discussions about gut health, but did you know that you also have a microbiome that helps to protect your skin's health?  

The much prettier term is skin flora- but, really, is bacteria sexy? In this case- yes, yes it is. Basically, skin microbiota of about 1000 species (what?) work together to protect your skin- if that seems like a lot, consider that your it is your largest organ- it does need a lot of protection! This garden of flora works with the acid mantle and lipid barrier- think of them as the three musketeers that protect your skin- we say merci à vous trois!

How do they work together? Our microbiome is the first line of defense for our skin. It fights infections, helps to heal wounds and combats inflammation, and aids your immune system- an elite force of microbiota to protect your skin from stressors that you don’t even realize could be harmful. Your acid mantle comes in a close second, with a pH of about 5.0- it protects the skin against harmful bacteria, fungi, and other stressors. Your lipid barrier is closest to the skin, holding the skin cells together- if your skin cells were a brick wall, the lipid barrier is the mortar.  

BUT- If your biome is imbalanced, your skin barrier is compromised… and your skin can take a seriously different turn. Think excessive dyrness, rosacea, acne, dermatitis, or sensitivity- nobody has any time for that.

Here’s how to restore and support your skin’s microbiome:

  • Skip harsh products and ingredients (like artificial fragrance, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, topical antibiotics), avoid over-exfoliation, and don’t overdo acne products that can strip your skin of it’s natural oils.

  • Use a pH-balanced cleanser or use a toner to rebalance pH after cleansing.

  • Look for ingredients that encourage good bacteria and your skin biome will love you for- Pre and Probiotics (Synbiotic Defense Mist, Dermiotic, Probiotics Cica- Complex Biome Booster) & Niacinamide (Vitamin B). 

  • Support your barrier function by nourishing and hydrating your skin (hyaluronic acid, ceramides, essential fatty acids, squalane, & beta glucan).

  • Protect your skin from UV light (sunscreen!!)

Shop our top picks for a healthy skin biome and overall barrier support.