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Dillon Pena Gives Us Twenty-Nine (Botanical) Reasons to Love What He Does

Leland Francis. L.A. based, Oklahoma born makeup artist Dillon Pena couldn’t find exactly what he wanted from the traditional skincare marketplace, so he made his own, and we couldn’t be more pleased. Twenty-Nine Botanical Serum is perfection, Melting Balm is the best way to take the day off, and his creams and oils are what dry, sensitive girls dream about. Creativity borne from necessity- we love this line. All cruelty free, all vegan, we are ALL in. Dillon was kind enough to take the time to talk to us about his brand, his life, and the one thing he cannot live without.  

What is the one thing that you do every day without fail for your skin?
Without fail I always wash my face and apply serum or face oil.
What is one product that you did not create, but you wish that you
thought of? 
The one product I did not create but wish I would have thought of is Gel Eye Liner. 

If you could only use one product from your line for the next 30 days- which one would it be and why?  
If I could only use one product from Leland Francis for the next 30 days it would Twenty-Nine Botanical Serum because I can adjust the amount needed every application to accommodate my skin's needs. 

What is the biggest challenge you faced building your line that you did not anticipate?
I never set out to create a brand but rather to create something I needed for my makeup kit and myself. I'm not really a business person so my biggest challenge I face building Leland Francis is scaling up production and forecasting the amount of products I’m going to need.
With the business of being a founder, how do you carve out time to foster your creativity?
I'm a makeup artist first and skincare brand founder second. Most days my day job of being on set allows me to be creative, but product development allows me to dream and create. 
What are the key things that you look for when creating and testing a new product?
When creating a new product I think of where it will fit in my makeup kit and would I personally use it. I’m not creating to create things but rather fill a void of clean products I need and want for my makeup kit and personal use. 

What is in your secret stash?  Products that you ALWAYS have to have in your personal skincare arsenal? 
My secret stash always has Lumify Eye Drops, a Lash Curler and a few new products I’ve been perfecting. Most generally those who sit in my makeup chair will be the first to experience the products I’m working on. When I travel I have eye drops, Twenty-Nine Botanical Serum, The Luxe Lotion, and Lip and Eye Balm because I can manipulate those items to perform how I need them to perform.
What is the one product (yours or anyone else’s) that you cannot live without?  
The one product I cannot live without is a lash curler. For days when you feel a bit tired a simple curl of the lash can help you look more awake.

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